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            These are several of the key issues that need to be addressed by all healthcare professionals. Most have not taken the time to think through these questions and develop a viable strategic response. Many don’t know where to start and what to do.

            The approach we will discuss is called “strategic thinking/ leadership”. It was developed in the 1970s’ because business organizations where confronted with changing environment.

            In other words, business leaders found they needed a new way to view their customers, their competitors and all of the external forces that changed the nature and way that business was conducted.

            In the past two decades, you the healthcare providers are now experiencing all of these challenges.

Examining, Diagnosing, Prescribing/ Treating, Monitoring and Anticipating/ Adapting Your Healthcare Practice!

            The art and science of “strategic thinking and leadership” are basically the same as you apply in your healthcare practice. The major difference is that the patient is your practice or organization and not a human being. These are the steps we recommend:

  1. Examine the current health and stability of your practice/ organization. This will involve analyzing your current patients, existing and new competitors, technologies, socio/ political and regulatory requirements to determine what is working well and what needs to be changed or fixed.
  2. Diagnosing the impact of change on your patients, competition, industry and governmental requirements and other factors that may require change in your strategies, programs and tactics.
  3. Prescribing and Threating required changes and developing action plans that may be needed to assure that you have the cash flows and resources required to prosper and survive.
  4. Monitoring the results to assure that the strategies and programs are achieving what you desired and are yielding sufficient cash flow to pay your bills and providing affair return for your services
  5. Anticipating and adapting to further changes.

            In short the process is just what you do with your patients to assure that maintain their health and are treated properly if and when they need help.

            Our plan to explain and illustrate each step over time and to provide you tools that will help to execute and implement the process successful and achieve your desired results.

Bill Rothschild   Rothschild Strategies Unlimited LLC   bill@strategyleader.com


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