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How does the EHR support a Chiropractor?

"Enabledoc enables me to see patients, document clinical visits, and smoothly operate my business profitably," said Dr Chris Lauria.  "I am able to work from home or where ever I am, which makes my practice more efficient."

Chiropractors require an EHR and billing system that manages appointments, quickly document patient visits, updates treatment plans, documents allergies and medications, codes visits, and manages billing. We include voice-to-text functionality for everyone at no charge to create notes the way you want to. We offer one Meaningful Use certified EHR solution that does it all at an affordable price and best of all you can access charts and billing wherever you are. We will provide customized EHR templates that are suitable for your cardiology practice.

Chiropractic features:

  • Personalizable templates for adjustments, manipulations, cervical exercises, Oswestry, lumbar exercises, muscles strength, range of motion measurements, xray results, treatment plans, and many more
  • Pull information from the prior SOAP note to update the previous treatment with the current treatment
  • Automatically use the prior visit diagnosis and procedure codes in the current encounter to speed the billing process
  •            Automated calculation of QuikDash, Oswestry, and other measures that get added automatically to your note.

  • Recurring appointments
  • Multiple appointment calendars by type of appointments
  • Templates defaulted by visit types
  • Medical illustration annotation
  • Pull forward from prior visits the chief complaints, diagnosis, and any other template
  • Pull from prior diagnosis and codes for quick billing
  • Quick bill from finalized superbill
  • Tabular data entry for comparison with prior exam
  • Set care notifications to notify patients.
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