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Patient Registration

Clicking on Registration on the main menu displays two options: New Patient and Existing Patient. A new patient is generally created from the appointment calendar and then updated when the appointment arrives for their appointment. However, a new patient can be added and edited from the New Patient menu option.

Adding or Updating Patient Registration Adding a new patient from patient registration begins by entering a salutation, the persons last na,e, first name, and middle name. Select a gender and enter a date of birth. Select the country, state, city, and zip code in that order. We have a database that is updated regularly with state, city, and zip codes to prevent incorrect entry. We recommend completing all the fields. The Identify type field is used only for government agencies. Select the patient’s race is now tracked for ARRA meaningful use reimbursement.

Uploading a Picture We recommend taking a digital picture of all patients and saving it as a JPG file to a folder. Click the upload button to select this picture and save it. This picture will help employee recognize patients.

Referring Physicians and other physician or imaging centers or labs are pulled in from the contacts database. These contacts must be entered to link to the patient’s registration. See the Contacts section.

Patient Registration – Other Details Other Details screen captures the patient’s work related information, special patient information, locks a patient record, and sets notification methods.

Patient Employment Details Select the student status, employment status, and occupation. Type the name of the employer and address. Select the country, state, city, and zip code. Work telephone and email are important to capture.

Patient Other Details In this section, very important persons (VIP) can be identified. Exclude from registry will exclude this patient from the quality measures and other patient base analysis. Should the patient pass away, this is where that information is entered and used for billing purposes.

Lock Password A patient record can have further security by requiring a password be entered prior to viewing a patient’s dashboard.

Notification Options There are three methods of notifying a patient of appointments: email, voice call, and text messaging. A number is select or entered to reach the patient. This function connects to the Enabledoc automated notification service.

Patient Registration – Contacts Contacts screen is used to enter contacts associate with this patient. At a minimum, an emergency contact should be entered. Start by clicking the New Group button to create a group, such as Family. Type in the contact information and click the Save button. To edit a contact, click on their name, modify the information, and click the Update button.

Patient Registration – Responsible Party The responsible party or guarantor can be set as the patient by clicking the Self button or by selecting the name of another patient or by typing in the guarantor information below. Click the Save button and the guarantor appear in the table at the bottom.

Patient Registration – Payer Once a Guarantor has been selected, a payer must be created. A payer can be an insurance company or a patient/guarantor. The payers must be setup in Administration Payers prior to selecting them here.

Cases are used to group insurances together for a patient. It allows different insurance or payers to be selected for each encounter, if needed, such as for workman’s comp claims or auto claims. To create a case name, click the New Case button. Select the case name and click the Default Case check box. If the payer is an insurance company, click the box Is Insurance Company. Select the Insurance Company or Payer if not an insurance company. Select the insurance company priority (Primary) and the guarantor. If the payer is an insurance company, the plan name, policy number, group name, and group number. If the patient has signed the assignment of benefits form, patient release on file, and PPH/HMO indicator, then check all that apply. If there is a copy amount, enter one. Click the Save button and the insurance company appears in the table below. Add another insurer or case, if needed.

Patient Registration – Attachments Patient attachments are used to store a copy of the patient insurance card, HIPAA form, and Patient Assignment of Benefits.

Create a Category: Click this button to add a new category to save files to.

Add Attachment: Select a Category, click choose a file from your hard drive, and select the file. Type a description and any remarks, and then click the Upload button. The file will appear below.

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