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Billing Integrated Calendar

Add billing and diagnosis codes to an appointment or without. Print superbill, claims, and statements. View insurance benefits and patient balance write in the calendar.

View Insurance Benefits

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Display Balances & Take Payments
Enter Diagnosis & Charges
Print Statements & View AR

Batch/Real-time Eligibility

With certain clearinghouses, getting insurance eligibility and benefits information is a click away.

Is Insurance Valid

Checks if the patient's insurance is valid and provides their policy number and guarantor information.

On Demand Request

With a click, the selected patient's appointments insurance can be viewed. The information is returned in seconds.

Automated Request

Three days prior to an appointment an eligibility request sent and can be viewed on the calendar and in registration.

Benefits Information

Information from insurers contains deductible remaining, copays and coinsurance requirements. Other information maybe provided, but varies from insurer to insurer.
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