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HD Video Conference HIPAA Televisits Built-in

Televisits are a requirement in a modern medical practice, which is why we include it at no additional charge. Video visits can be booked online and collect a payment or charge their insurance. Televists are simple to start and work with any modern smart phone, tablet and computer. Televisits can be started at any time with a text to the patient that includes a link to the join the call. Also, supports groups up to 30 people.


Book appointment online. Collect a payment. Text or email link to start the call.


Book Appointment & Pay

Add Televisit button or calendar to your website. After selecting a time and date, there is an option to collect a credit card payment.

At Appointment, Text or Email Link

The Provider initiates a text or email or checks if patient is logged into the portal.

Provider Starts The Video Call or Chat

Once the patient joins, the provider clicks a call button. The patient then must accept the call.

Provider Documents Visit in EHR

The call is opened in another browser tab, so the provider is free to check the patient in and open the encounter note in the EHR.
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