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Televisits are becoming a requirement in a modern physician practice, even specialty practices, which is why we include it at no additional charge. Video visits can be booked online and collect a payment or charge their insurance. Televists are simple to start and work with any modern smart phone, tablet and computer. Televisits can be started at any time with a text to the patient that includes a link to the join the call.

Here is how Televists work:

  1. Patient goes to your website and click Book Televist.
  2. Open time slots are displayed and the patient clicks on one to select it.
  3. New patients are asked to create an account. We require a telephone number to ensure you can contact the patient. Established patient’s login to their portal account.
  4. The patient then enters a reason for the visit and maybe asked to complete new patient forms and consents.
  5. The patient then appears as a requested appointment on the providers calendar and in a Requested Appointment list.
  6. The staff then sends a text or message back to the patient to confirm the appointment or change it.
  7. At the time of the appointment, then provider texts or emails the patient with a link to join the video call. Logging into the patient portal will also connect them to the call.
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