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Speed Documentation

Word Processor with Speech Recognition

Advanced word processor let's you create notes in your own style. Speech recognition is available on demand and is a standard feature.

Inline Templates for speed

Quickly switch note templates for different types of clinical or surgical notes. Templates open inside the word processor so there is no popups.


With one selection, problems, ROS, Exam, diagnosis, billing code, orders, and Plan of Care are added. Make appropriate changes specific to the patient and add another. Comprehensive, accurate notes completed in seconds.


With one selection, diagnosis, billing codes, orders, and prescriptions are added. Promotes consistent standard of care.

Speed Clinical Documentation with Personalized Clinical Templates & Plansets

Custom note templates support every specialty and allow personalization.

Most advanced custom templates ever!

Custom fields, templates, and tables enable your personalize workflow.

Dynamic Templates

Create custom sections for the following field types: Text, word processor, check box, single select, pull down, and tabular. Create nested question and answer. Automated assessment score for over 30 assessments (such as PHQ)

In Line Word processor Fields

Information can be defaulted into the note or custom fields can be selected in the note. This allows for fast entry without leaving the work processor.

Tables with View Chronological Data

Tables can be completely customize with different field types and supported multiple tables per view or by section. View prior visit data and pull it in.

Multiple Workflows

Template types can be mixed in a single note. Open with a click. Skip to next template. Trigger ordersets. Auto enter data with Plansets.
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