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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable displays all the claims and charges for a patient and their associated guarantor. Payment for all of the patient’s guarantors is displayed. Select the guarantor to display the contact information for each guarantor.

Total Balance: This is calculated as total charges less total adjustments less payments less unposted balances. Unposted charges can be posted to claims using the Payment Management screen.

All claims and payments are displayed in the table. A new entry is made in the table for a claim with every payment and adjustment. So the same claim number may appear several times, but the adjustment field will reflect any adjustments and payments. The totals at the bottom of the table reflect the rows displayed and only count charges once for each claim. Adjustments are both adjustments and payments. Patient owes reflects what the guarantors owe for this patient. Patient’s do not owe on a claim until the patient owes amount is entered in the claim based on the EOB or COB information. Ins Owes is the amount the insurance company owes for approved claims. Days outstanding field is the total days from the date the claim was filed until the claim balance is zero. Collection Category shows what category the claim has been put in. Assign to displays the employee responsible for collecting this claim. To filter the table, type in the field under the column name and select a condition or press the enter key. To clear the filter, delete the entry and click the enter button.

Clicking on a claim displays any notes associated with a claim. A new note can be added for each claim.

To print and invoice click the patient invoice link on the upper right hand corner of the screen. To print a patient summary, click the patient summary link. The first time you print during a session may take a minute, but then generates faster after that.

Payment Plans Payment Plans are used to charge patients a set fee based on visit or monthly, quarterly, or annual charges. Payment Plans can either be set to adjust future claims to these fees or charge in addition to new claims.

Visit Payment Plans will decrements the total number of visits entered with each visit until the total visits equals zero. Claims patient amount owes will automatically be adjusted to the payment plan amount entered for each visit.

Month, Quarter, or All Payment Plans can be configured to set a monthly payment amount of a set number of visits or unlimited visits until the payment plan ends. Under this plan, all claims are adjusted to zero for the set number of visits and then a new charge is made for the monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. Payment plans can be set not to decrements only the current claims and setup the total balance to be paid over a set number of months.

Activating Time Based Payments Each month, quarter, or year a user must activate this payment plan by clicking the Start Payment Plan button in Claims Management. This button will display all patient claims that will be charged. Invoices can then be printed for all these charges by clicking the Select All check box.

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