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The Cardiology EHR

Automate appointment booking and check-in forms to speed Cardiology documentation and billing.


Simplifying Workflow

Speed documentation and billing, while improving patient satisfaction

Flexible design is key

Custom menu and dashboards make it easy to manage tasks, notes and communicate with patients.

ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI) Vital

Calculate ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI) Vital and other vitals automatically, then show them in a Assessment Dashboard

Cardiology Templates

Document care quickly with the information you want to capture.

Plansets Speed Billing

Create Plansets to speed documentation, orders, treatment plans and billing with one click
Cardiology Features:
  • Personalizable templates for physical exam, review of systems, procedures, treatment plans and many more
  • Visit defaulted templates for procedures and care
  • Medical illustration annotation
  • Chief complaint tracking
  • Vitals tracking
  • Device Tracking
  • Diet tracking
  • Blood pressure and heart rate patient tracker
  • Patient portal
  • Electronic labs
  • Tabular data entry for comparison with prior exam
  • ECG test management
  • Set care notifications to notify patients and staff of pending care tasks
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