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Things To Know

This list describes important information on how the software works:

To create a claim, a patient encounter must be created. An encounter is created by entering a appointment and checking the patient in.
A claim is created by clicking the Create Claim link for a patient encounter on the Claim Management screen or by selecting a patient and encounter on the Add Claim screen. No charges or insurance company will appear on the Claim Management Screen until a claim is created.
To submit a claim, a claim must be assigned to a batch, approved, and the batch sent to the insurer.
Submitting to more than one payer requires that the coordination of benefits (COB) information be entered for the first insurer unless electronically received. The claim must be assigned to a new batch and approved again, so that the claim is submitted to the second insurer.
To send charges from Superbill to Claims, the Superbill for an encounter must be Finalized. If the encounter is not finalized and the claim is open, no charges will appear. Simply close the claim, finalize the encounter in Superbill, open the Claim, and click Rebill to pull in the charges.

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