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All employees must have their own user ID and password for HIPAA compliance and security. Employees are added by clicking the Employee button and this screen appears:

Adding a New Employee
Click the New Button and begin to enter the following information:
Salutation: Select from the list.
Last Name: Enter the employee last name.
First Name: Enter the employee first name.
Middle Name: Enter the employee middle name.
Department: Select a department.
Employee Type: Select the type of employee.
Status: Select if the employee is active or inactive.
Medical Provider: Sets if this employee makes appointments.
Send Orders: Allows this employee to send or print an order.
Prescribe medication: Allows this employee to send or print prescriptions.
Upload: Click the upload button to select a picture of the employee.
Remove: Click remove to delete the employee picture.
Address 1: First line of address.
Address 2: Second line of address.
Home #: Home telephone number.
Mobile #: Mobile telephone number.
Email ID: Email address.
Country: Select the country office is located in, which defaults to the U.S.
State: Select the state.
City: Select the city.
Zip: Select the zip code.
Update Credentials: This check box appears once a user is added. Check this box to change the password and other user profile settings.
User Name: Type in any name and click the check user name button to see if this name is taken.
Password: The password strength is provided by EnableDoc. All passwords must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character @#$%^&=*.
Confirm Password: Please re-enter the password to confirm it.
Hint Question: This is currently not used, but will be used for employees to reset password.
Or Create Other: This is currently not used, but will be used for employees to reset password.
Hint Answer: This is currently not used, but will be used for employees to reset password.
Default Page: This sets the first page that appears after login. The options are provider dashboard, appointment calendar, or patient registration.
Is Locked: By checking this box, a user is prevented from accessing the system.
Select User Group: Check which employee roles this user has access to. At login, the user can decide which role to use.
Select Facility: Check which facilities this user will work at. At login, the user logs in at that facility.

Edit Employee
To edit an existing employee profile, type the name of the employee and select the employee from the pull down. The employee information will appear on the screen.

Search for Employee
Click the link Employee Lookup to view all employees. Click edit next to their name returns to the edit Employee profile screen.

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