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What physician specialties do you support?

"Best EHR I have ever used. Makes clinical documentation easy,"

Dr Norona - Neurologist

"What makes Enabledoc different is the way the templates are customized for me to easily create my Initial Visit, Progress, and Soap notes. With Enabledoc I get advanced functionality to manage my patients and business and their support is the best in the industry. I highly recommend the Enabledoc service."

Karie Garfoot - Horizon's Edge PT.

Enabledoc enables me to see patients, document clinical visits, and smoothly operate my business profitably. I am able to work from home or where ever I am, which makes my practice more efficient."

Chris Lauria

Our EMR set-up specialists go through the physician's workflow and the forms currently used by the office. If such a form does not already exist in the system, custom forms and templates are created for that specialty and for that particular doctor's needs.

Every doctor gets to choose their own specific set of templates and custom forms. Our custom templates and specialty specific module setting are designed to support all medical specialties. However for the sake of comprehensiveness we list the specialties supported in the list below:

► Allergology ► Andrology ► Anesthesia ► Angiology
► Athletic training ► Cardiology ► Chiropractor ► Dermatology
► Disaster medicine ► Emergency medicine ► Endocrinology ► Family medicine
► Gastroenterology ► General practice ► Medical genetics ► Geriatrics
► Gerontology ► Gynaecology ► Hematology ► Hepatology
► Immunology ► Infectious diseases ► Intensive care medicine ► Internal medicine
► Military medicine ► Nephrology ► Neurology ► Nuclear medicine
► Obstetrics ► Oncology ► Ophthalmology ► Oral and maxillofacial surgery
► Orthopedics ► Otolaryngology ► Paleopathology ► Palliative medicine
► Pediatrics ► Physical Therapy ► Podiatry ► Psychiatry
► Psychiatric specialititd ► Pulmonology ► Radiology ► Rehabilitation medicine
► Rheumatology ► Serology ► Sexual health ► Sleep medicine
► Sports medicine ► Surgery ► Toxicology ► Transplantation medicine
► Urology ► Wilderness medical emergencies ► Wilderness medicine
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