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Price is used to set prices for all the services and payers, except E&M codes. Price is set for each CPT and CPT/modifier combination for each facility. To filter the pricing, select a category, sub category or enter a CPT and click the Filter button.

Entering Prices Select the Payer, facility, and effective date. Find the CPT/service line and enter the price and a valid from date, then click the Save Button and it is saved. If you want to set a future charge or discount the charge, enter a new price or discount percentage, and change the valid from date to a future date.

Click the Print Button to print all the services displayed. To save, click the Save Button. If a future date is entered, that price will not take effect until that date.

If a CPT and modifier combination needs to be priced, click the Modifier button on the CPT row and this dialog box open to set the price:

Enter a price on the modifier row and enter a valid from date, then click the Save Button. To show all modifiers that have prices, click the Show All Charges Button.

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Payers UP E&M Pricing

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