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The first facility or location is the Organization location. All these fields are required except the fax number. It is important to enter a time zone, so that any time a user logs into that facility, they will use the proper time and date where that office is located.

The following describes the fields on this screen:

Name: Name of the facility location.
Entity: Select the type of facility it is.
NPI: The national provider ID (NPI) is required to file claim.
Phone #: Telephone number of the office.
Fax #: Main fax number
Address 1: First address line
Address 2: Second address line
Country: Select the country office is located in, which defaults to the U.S.
State: Select the state.
City: Select the city.
Zip: Select the zip code.
POS: The place of service is used for HCFA 1500 claim filings for each facility.
Click the Save button to add a new facility.
Click Select next to the entered facility to edit and update it.
Click the X mark to deactivate a facility.

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