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Electronic Statements - Get Paid Faster and Save Costs

Text, Email or Print Statements

Save mailing and labor costs of sending statements and managing payments. Statements can be printed or sent via text or email link. Patients pay by credit, debit or ACH. Accounts Receivable is automatically updated. View all patient balances and filter the list based on Patient Collections category, last statement date, and custom patient categories
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Patients Pay Online or Via Mobile App

When a patient has a balance a Text or email is sent to the patient with a link to pay. No sign in is required - just enter their date of birth. The statement can be viewed and paid. Payment information is applied to the patient account to streamline the entire process.

Manage Patient Payments & Deposits

Take payments and auto-apply them to claims. Apply payments to each billing code. Apply payments across family members. Track deposits and print deposit slips and credit card reports.
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