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Paper statements have become expensive and have no call to action to get patients to pay in a timely manner. On average it takes 3 statements to get patients to pay, if they ever pay. Bad debt is growing! With Text and Pay, you can test or email payment alerts to patients with a link that allows them to view the statement and pay online with credit or debit card. This solution saves time and money, while speeding the collection process.

Our Patient Collections manages both print and electronic claims on one screen. Each time statements are sent or mailed, we track each batch via a collection category and log the time and date stamp. Here’s how it works:

  1. When patient’s have claim balances we generate a list of those patients. The list can be filtered  by name ranges, categories, and date ranges.
  2. After the list of patients is created, then we select which statement to send and determine if we want to send electronically or mail.
  3. Electronic statements are automatically emailed or texted with a link to make a payment. The message and frequency of the messages can be set.
  4. Once the patient clicks the link, they must enter their date of birth to access the statement.
  5. The patient has the option to view the statement and make a credit card or debit card payment.
  6. A receipt is automatically printed for the patient.
  7. The payment information automatically updates into the patient’s account.


Text and Pay saves the cost of mailing statements and gets patients to pay faster, because it is easier.

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