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This screen allows the organization information to be entered and the first facility to be entered.
The following describes the fields on the Organization screen:
Organization: The Organization is the legal name of the physician group and the main location of the group.
NPI: The national provider ID (NPI) is required to file claim.
EIN: The employer identification number (EIN) is used for tax purposes.
Phone #: Telephone number of the office.
Fax #: Main fax number
Address 1: First address line
Address 2: Second address line
Country: Select the country office is located in, which defaults to the U.S.
State: Select the state.
City: Select the city.
Zip: Select the zip code.
License Acceptance: After reading the license, the user accepts the terms of the license for their organization by checking this box.
Click the Save button to update this information.

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