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Clicking Appointments on the Main Menu allows patient appointments to be added and managed for each provider and location. In the appointments menu, the left hand side allows you to filter by date, provider name and facility or show a provider calendar in all facilities. The right hand side of the appointment screen offers three levels of detail view – day, week and month. To find a future appointment use the Find Next feature. To see when providers are working at each location, click the Provider Timing button.

Adding a New Appointment from Appointment Schedule Follow these steps to make appointments:

  1. For appointments today, select the day of the appointment, facility, click update, and click on a time cell under a provider’s name and select New Appointment, then the Appointment Detail screen appears.
  2. To locate next available appointments, click the Find Next button and this screen appears:
  3. Select the facility, then the future time frame in days, weeks, months, years, or specific date. Select how many vacant slots to show and for which providers, then select the time of day and days of the week. Clicking Find Next displays the next available appointments. Click Select next to the time and day of the appointment, then the Appointment Detail dialog opens.
  4. Type the patient’s name, date of birth, or home telephone number (include dashes) or type in the information if it is a new patient.
  5. Select an Insurance Case, if none is defaulted. If it is a new patient, a Case will need to be added at the time and check in and then updated here to assign it to the visit.
  6. Select the Appointment Type and the time period is automatically allocated for that appointment.
  7. Select a room assignment, if desired.
  8. If the patient is a walk-in, check this box to automatically check them in.
  9. Type a reason for the visit.
  10. Select a referring physician, if none is defaulted from patient registration.
  11. Click the Make Appointment and the appointment is added to the Provider’s calendar in the unconfirmed status.

Editing an appointment Edit an appointment by clicking on the existing appointment and select Edit from the pull down menu. If you need to find the patient appointment, click the Find Patient button, type the patient’s name and click the Filter button. Click the Select button next to the appointment and click the Edit Appointment button at the bottom of the screen. The appointment status can also be changed on the edit appointment screen.

Change Appointment Status To change the appointment status, click on the appointment and select the new status – confirmed, checked In, checked out, no show, or cancel. The appointment changes color to indicate the appointment status. If you need to find the appointment, see Edit an appointment.

Finding New Appointment Appointments can either be browsed by a timeline, or be searched by a patient. Browsing by timeline is available in the appointments menu. To search by patient name, type the patient name in the search bar as shown in the picture.

Once a patient name is displayed, select that patient, and click the New Appointment button to display the Appointment Details screen or click the Repeat Appointment button to book multiple appointment in a row.

Provider Availability To determine when providers work and at which location, click the Provider Timings button to see the schedule of each provider at each facility. The appointment calendar will display days of and non working hours as shaded cells. Appointments can still be booked during those times should a physician need to see a patient.

Checking in and Taking Payments At the time of patient check in, Payment can be taken from the patients via “payment” option as shown in section 3.3 above. Selection of payment option opens up a payment window that allows for payment by check, cash or credit card. Process credit cards by either swiping the credit card if you have the swipe attachment or by manually entering the card information, and then clicking the “process” button. Finally click “submit” to submit the payment and record it in the system. If it is a check, enter the check number.

To check the eligibility of the patient to receive insurance cover, click the Eligibility tab. Benefits are checked a few days ahead of the appointment. If the insurer does not support eligibility checking, then the eligibility screen is blank. Some insurers support real time checking. Just click the Check eligibility link in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

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