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Chronic Care Management simplfied

Nine of the top chronic conditions comprise 75% of the problems Medicare patients have. With 86% of healthcare costs going to treat chronically ill, this has become a major focus.

Chronic Conditions are at epidemic levels!

During the past century, a major shift occurred in the leading causes of death for all age groups, including older adults, from infectious diseases and acute illnesses to chronic diseases and degenerative illnesses. More than a quarter of all Americans and two out of every three adults have two or more chronic conditions, and treatment for this population accounts for 86% of the country’s health care budget.[1] Seven of the ten top causes of death are from the top nine chronic problems. Medicare Chronic Care Program compensates physicians for managing CCM patients while they are at home. This program pays providers from $43 (billing code 99490) per patient per month to more than $94 (billing code 99487), plus now additional payments for 30 minutes and upfront comprehensive care plan ($63 per patient per year) for non face-to-face care coordination and chronic care management. Signing-up 500 patients would generate an average revenue of $397,000 a year.

Medicare Patients with 2 or more Chronic Problems

Heart Disease is Leading Chronic Problem

% of Medical Cost from Chronic Problems

Cancer is 2nd Leading Chronic Problem

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