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E&M Pricing

Price is used to set prices for E&M codes only. E&M pricing can be set for all providers or a group of providers by specialty, or individual providers in a specialty. Price is also set by CPT/modifier combination for each facility.

Entering E&M Prices Select the Payer, facility, and effective date. Find the CPT/service line and enter the price and a valid from date, then click the Save Button and it is saved. If you want to set a future charge or discount the charge, enter a new price or discount percentage, and change the valid from date to a future date.

Assigning E&M Prices to Groups or Provider and Providers To enter a price for a group of specialists, select the specialty and click the Filter button. To set pricing for only one provider, select an individual provider in that specialty and then click the Filter Button. Enter the E&M prices and click the Save Button.

Click the Print Button to print all the services displayed. To save, click the Save Button. If a future date is entered, that price will not take effect until that date.

If an E&M CPT and modifier combination needs to be priced, click the Modifier button on the CPT row and this dialog box open to set the price:

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Pricing UP Roles And Permissions

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