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Typical Work Flow

Front Desk workflow is centered on three areas: Patient Registration, Appointments, Find Patient information, Payments, Contacts and Tasks. Typically, the work flow starts with a new patient booking an appointment and then completing their patient registration information. The Provider Dashboard shows all three in a concise view and is the beginning point for physicians. Should a physician need to access any other patient record, simply click Find Patient and a window opens with options to search for that patient by appointments, encounters, notes, and a list of patients. At any time a provider can type into the note and electronically sign when it is complete.

Booking patient appointments work flow: 

  1. To book an appointment for a new patient, click appointments. If it is an existing patient, type the patient name, home number (type hyphen in numbers), or date of birth.
  2. Either select the day on the calendar and click a time on the calendar for a provider or click Find Appointments to location a future day for the appointment.
  3. When the new appointment dialog opens, type in the patient first and last name, date of birth, and mobile or main telephone number. Then select a type of appointment and the reason for the appointment. Saving the appointment create a new patient registration.
  4. When the patient arrives for their appointment, collect all the key patient registration information, which includes scanning a copy of their insurance card and attaching it into their registration using Attachments.
  5. Gather the referring physician name (may need to add it to Contacts), guarantor, and insurance or payment type of information.
  6. Click Appointments and edit the patient appointment, select the insurance case and referring physician (and a room), then select check in. An encounter is now created for the patient and they are ready for the nurse or provider.
  7. Click payment to collect co-pay and collect for any outstanding payments.
  8.  Collect the payment and print a receipt.

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    Superbill UP Provider Work Flow

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