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In my last few notes, I described some of the elements of a strategic profile. Having a profile of your practice’s current patient base is important since it enables you to understand the current demographics that impact your cash flow and then to help you evaluate how changes in the future will impact it.

            A strategic patient practice profile is similar to the charts you use for patient to determine what is normal for each patient and then to assess changes and how they need to be addressed. The same is true of strategic profiles. We will use them later when we assess not only changes in resources but changes in competition and the macro/ micro environment.  They are an excellent tool to communicate with patients and other providers as well as to easily monitor change.

These are the two profiles we have provided in our last note. We will provide others as we progress.

How they pay

PERCENTAGE      5   10   15     20  25     30   40     50     60   70   80   90  100

OWN FUNDS                                     X—-à


COMPANY INSURANCE                                                 X

MEDICARE                                   ß-X

MEDICAID                         X


Health Conditions

PERCENTAGE     5     10   15   20   25     30     40   50     60    70   80     90  100


VERY GOOD                                <—–X


AVERAGE                                                                                        X

BELOW AVERAGE                   X

POOR                                  X_–à


We will provide profiles for each of the demographic analyses we provide as we progress and then show how they are impacted by changes.

Bill Rothschild

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