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              In our last discussion, we outlined some of the sources of cash. The first was the patient. Only a decade ago, most patients relied on their insurance, employers or government programs to pay their healthcare bills. Providers got paid and didn’t have to inform patients of their charges and fees.

              This has changed dramatically over the past decade and the changes are increasing rapidly. These are some of the changes that must be monitored and evaluated since they will require that all providers get paid UP FRONT.


The message is that all providers must understand who is paying the bill prior to the service or procedure and plan to have many patients not be able to pay their bills. This means that they must calculate the impact on cash flow and set up programs that will enable the patient to pay and not be surprised.

            This is no different than any other service but it is new to the healthcare markets and often ignored to the detriment of the patient, provider and the overall hea

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