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speech to Text for your patient notes

speech to Text for your patient notes

Speech-to-Text applet allows you to quickly dictate your patient notes in your own words directly into the patient note with live recognition or using the built in voice recorder. Save time and money, while creating notes in your own words. Speech-to-text can be used with personalized templates or without them. There is no speech training or software to install.  It is that easy to use and its free!

Live Recognition:

With a simple Click to Talk button, dictated audio is recorded, streamed to our speech server, and converted into text. The text then is sent back to the word processor and inserted at the cursor location. Just move the cursor to where you want the text to appear or highlight text and replace it. 

Voice Recorder:

When you save the recording, the recording is converted to text in the background, and the word processor is populated with the text of your notes. There is no need to stay at the page; you can move on to the next patient note. Simply dictate and save. The next time you come back to this patient note, the text appears with the dictated audio. A transcriptions can then easier listen to the dictation, proof read the text, and make any edits.

Speech to Text technology is often referred to as Speech Recognition or Voice Recognition. This is state-of-the-art technology provided for free. It will save you time and money. Use it any where you have a computer, microphone, and Internet connection.


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