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What special Features are there in the EHR for Pediatrics?

Pediatric groups require an information system that manages appointments,
quickly document patient visits, track immunizations, electronically prescribe
medication, code visits, and manage billing. We include voice-to-text
functionality for everyone at no charge to create notes the way you want to. We
offer one Meaningful Use certified EHR solution that does it all at an
affordable price and best of all you can access charts and billing wherever you

Pediatric features:

  • Personalizable templates for physical
    exam by age, sick and well-child visits, and many more
  • Face pain scale vitals
  • Growth charts
  • Parent portal for parents to
    access all their children’s medical records
  • Generate sports and other
    forms with information filled in
  • Track immunization records, vaccine
    schedules, and registry reporting
  • Immunization stock management
  • Generate an Immunization List
  • Set care notifications in the EHR to
    notify patients and staff of pending care tasks.
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