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Provider Work Flow

Typical Work Flow Provider workflow is centered on three areas: Appointments, Notes, and Tasks. The Provider Dashboard shows all three in a concise view and is the beginning point for physicians. Should a physician need to access any other patient record, simply click Find Patient and a window opens with options to search for that patient by appointments, encounters, notes, and a list of patients. At any time a provider can type into the note and electronically sign when it is complete.

The typical work flow as a provider is as follows, but none of these steps are required to be performed:

  1. Clicking on patient names will open the dashboard or note for the associated encounter.
  2. The patient dashboard or clinical note opens.
  3. A form is loaded based on the type of visit, facility, and provider assigned as a default.
  4. The menu templates are assigned to the form.
  5. Typically, a nurse will fill in the vitals, patient history, current medications, and chief complaint section. A provider usually verifies this information and uses it as part of the assessment.
  6. The chief complaint is usually the first area of focus. This input dynamically builds a patient description of their complaints.
  7. A review of systems is usually performed.
  8. An exam is then conducted and details are completed in the template.
  9. A diagnosis is then made or a preliminary diagnosis is made and requires further tests to make a final diagnosis.
  10. Prescriptions may be ordered.
  11. Labs or imaging or other services/procedures may be ordered or performed.
  12. The note is then reviewed, edited, and signed. This step can be performed at any point.
  13. The Superbill is then reviewed. An E&M code is selected. The codes are then released for billing by clicking finalize.

Enabledoc displays a check in the menu next to each template as information is entered and saved. A yellow check appears next to that template name to show that information has been entered. If a red check mark appears next to a template that template has been locked to indicate the information is finalized. This feature makes it easier to know what work has been completed and what work has not. A provider is not required to use this feature.

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