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Superbill displays all the charges for a patient encounter. A patient encounter must be selected to view the Superbill. Click the Find Patient button, click Encounters, search for the patient encounter you need to open, and click Open Superbill. This Superbill screen will open. If a diagnosis needs to be added, click the Add Diagnosis. To edit a diagnosis, click the Edit link next to the existing diagnosis. The Diagnosis screen will open – see the Provider Guide for information on using this screen.

Add a CPT, E&M, and Medication to the Superbill, click those buttons and this dialog appears:

Click the All Services Button to search through all the E&M codes. Click the Select link next to code you want to add. If there is a payer charge for the code or if there is a master price, it will appear below. If not, the price can be entered. Click Add to List and the code charge appears below. Click the Close Button to exit or the New Button to enter a new code. To Add a CPT or Medication Code, click on either of those links at the top of the screen or from the Superbill menu.

Click Finalize button to release the charges for Claims processing. If Finalize is not pressed, then no charges will appear in the claim

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