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Lab Information And Test Management

Lab Information System and Test Management are standard modules in Enabledoc. All lab, radiology, procedures, or referrals can be ordered by selecting codes or descriptions for each, service, procedure, or test. Each type of order then displays the correct form and allows a contact or lab to be selected from our online database of labs, imaging centers, and physicians. These additional features are provided:

  • ¬†Electronically send lab orders(HL7)
  • Electronically receive results and be alerted to abnormal results.(HL7)
  • Manage your own in-house labs Quick access to historical labs.
  • Displays color coded results on provider dashboard by reviewed and non reviewed status.
  • Custom exam result fields all for support of numeric values, text, Boolean, selected options, calculations and tables of data.
  • Sample and phlebotomy management with custom labels, manifests, and forms by lab.
  • Labs can be stored as attachments.