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EnableDoc is Easy, flexible and Affordable solution for small practices.
Manage Patients with a click
Flexible and Personalized EHR workflow
Cloud based Speech recognition is included at no extra cost.
Speed Claims and Collections with a billing system that works with any clearinhouse.
Save Money and Get Paid for Meaningful use.

Enablemyhealth community is a new free way for patients and healthcare providers to collaborate on care. Healthcare providers can be searched in a nation-wide directory for patients to request appointments and providers to electronically refer patients to other providers. Groups can market their providers expertise and services. to promote your practice, request and manage appointments, share patient medical information, and send secure messages and files with a patient care team or any provider in the U.S.  Patients can manage and share medical records with their Care Team, manage all their appointments, and communicate their Care Team using a multimedia Care Board and secure messaging. Best of all it is FREE!

When used with Enablemyhealth EHR, patients can check in for appointments, complete medical forms, and sign consents.

Automate your practice - Save Money while Improving Care

Enablemyhealth is a cloud-based platform that provides a suite of services including nationwide provider directory, patient appointment requests, referral management, an ONC ARRA certified electronic health record (EHR), practice management solution (PMS), appointment reminder service, secure messaging, patient portal, collaboration portal, Internet Fax, credit card processing, rules-driven care notifications, labs, eprescribe, and task management. Our software is modular so you only pay for the functionality you need. What makes our solution special is the ability to personalize the work flow so each provider can create clinical notes or medical forms using custom or specialty specific templates, speech recognition, and our advanced word processor. Billing information is captured as part of the visit appointment and documentation and used to streamline the claims and collections process. We operate on a private cloud allowing you to securely access the EHR and PMS from any web-based computer or tablet. Our EHR/PMS service includes all the storage, backups, maintenance, and upgrades, so you can focus on practicing medicine. This is state-of-the-art technology that will connect your patients to you and offer new capabilities as healthcare needs change. We provide personalize attention, so you can be successful in benefiting from our technology.

How Enablemyhealth helps your practice:

  1. Free online patient care community that allows groups to advertise their group or hospital, request/manage appointments, share patient records and files, and securely message any healthcare provider in the country
  2. Receive up $44,000 to $64,000 per qualified provider under the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act for using a certified EHR.
  3. Improve patient collections, streamline claim filings, and automate payment reconciliation.
  4. Be prepared for PMS transition to ICD10 for billing at no additional cost.
  5. Streamline workflow to reduce errors associated with entry of diagnosis and billing codes.
  6. Simplify creation and location of medical notes and forms to save time and cost.
  7. Improve communication with staff and patients through our tasks and portal features.
  8. Alert patients to healthcare maintenance to improve care and increase revenue.

Provide your patients leading edge technology with no upfront investment.

What do our customers say?

"What makes Enablemyhealth different is the way information is entered and exchanged with patients then automatically pulled into notes via customized templates to save time. With Enablemyhealth, I get advanced functionality to manage my patients and business and their support is the best in the industry. I highly recommend the Enablemyhealth service."

Karie Garfoot - Horizon's Edge PT 

3 Dec. 2013 Posted by Steve in EnableDoc Blog

Reduce Payment Delinquencies and Improve Cash Flow

Introducing Enablemyhealth integrated payments thru TransFirst…. making it easier for patients to pay you!  Together let’s unlock one of the secrets of increasing cash flow into your bank account… by making it easier for patients to make payments!

With the Enablemyhealth EHR and TransFirst integrated payment processing program...Your patients will:

12 Sep. 2012 Posted by Steve in EnableDoc Blog

Complete notes faster Using Advanced Word Processor Templates

Efficiently documenting clinical encounters and completing patient notes are a common source of frustration for providers using EHRs. The demands for more comprehensive documentation from insurers and new Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements for structured data and notes require an advanced solution that lets providers work within the word processor, but also store structured data. 

2 May. 2012 Posted by Steve in EnableDoc Blog

EHR incentives are easy to achieve with the right EHR

Enabledoc helps customers through the meaningful use process both with automated measure tracking and displaying of results, guides, and answering any questions you have throughout the process to make sure you achieve the EHR incentive. Using Enabledoc EHR will allow your group to achieve the EHR incentive of $44,000 to $64,000 per provider. Physicians and Chiropractor’s are eligible for this EHR incentive.

3 Apr. 2012 Posted by Steve in EnableDoc Blog

Why you need practice management as part of your EHR?

For decades, practice Management Systems have been deployed by groups to manage their schedules, patient registration information, and claims. But with the advent of electronic health records, a change is underway to redefine practice management. Groups are realizing that having an efficient and well-managed business requires a management system that connects appointment schedules, patient registration, clinical documentation, medical coding and billing in one integrated workflow. The benefits of having one system are quite powerful for the following reasons: